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Facilities Portfolio Management Tool (FPMT)

FPMT Logo Leg DomeThe inventory of state-owned and leased facilities used by state agencies represents a significant financial investment by the citizens of Washington. Washington’s facilities inventory consists of approximately 114.5 million square feet of facilities. This includes 13.5 million square feet of leased space and 101 million square feet of owned space. The inventory contains approximately 10,700 facilities records.

To understand and manage this investment, RCW 43.82.150 requires OFM to develop and maintain an inventory system of all facilities owned and leased by state government.  OFM is currently working with all state agencies to manually gathering and maintaining facilities inventory data using Excel.  The process and tools used to maintain the inventory are cumbersome, require a large amount of staff time by all agencies, and limit the amount of data that can be gathered and analyzed, the frequency of reporting, and reporting capabilities.

OFM is partnering with R&K Solutions, Inc. to implement their GoRPM solution for the state of Washington.

The goals of the project are to:


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