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Data Sources

Data available for understanding key access, cost, and quality components of health care in Washington State. Some data sources allow comparison to other states. Primary data sources currently include local and national surveys and data gathering on population characteristics, employers, health services, health expenditures, and health status.

Disclaimer: By using these data the user agrees that the Washington State Office of Financial Management shall not be liable for any activity involving these data with regard to lost profits or savings or any other consequential damages; or the fitness for use of the data for a particular purpose; or the installation of the data, its use, or the results obtained.

Population Surveys

Washington State Population Surveys (for regional level analyses)

U.S. Census Bureau Surveys (for comparison against other states)

Technical Reports

Employer Surveys and Reporting

Washington State Employer Data

Federal Employment-Related Surveys and Data

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Health Care Provider Surveys

Questionnaires for Washington State Surveys of Primary Care Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants

Health Related Data Sources

Washington State Inpatient Hospital Data

Health Expenditures Data

Health Status Surveys

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Last updated: December 10, 2008