Data range

The data used in this dashboard begins with the 2007-08 academic year and ends with the Fall 2013 term.  All enrolled students, regardless of funding source, are included in the dashboard.

Data source

The source of data for this dashboard is Washington State’s Office of Financial Management Public Centralized Higher Education Enrollment System (PCHEES).  PCHEES stores public, four-year institution enrollment data from 1998-99 through the current academic year.

Data definitions

The information displayed in this dashboard is based on definitions and calculations provided in the Complete to Compete Common College Completion Metrics. The definitions and calculations may be different than how individual institutions’ or other sources of higher education information calculate similar measures.

Please see Data definitions for a list of definitions and Metric calculations for a description of how the metrics were calculated. For this reason, before comparing numbers or rates from different sources, please be sure you understand the calculations behind the measures. OFM staff are available to assist with interpretations of the measures.

This dashboard does not contain any two- or four-year data from the Community and Technical College system.

Maintaining student privacy and FERPA

OFM prioritizes student privacy and has developed suppression rules that meet the law and intent of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). These suppression rules are applied to the data before it is released for display.

In most cases, suppression is not needed for disaggregated data at a statewide level because the number of students in each grouping ensures that someone cannot determine identifiable information about a student or group of students. When data is displayed at the institution level, suppression may be required when the number of students in a grouping would allow someone to determine identifiable information about a student.

Where appropriate, data may be grouped in a different way. For example, if there are only 9 undergraduate students in the “40 and over” age group that took pre-college courses, OFM may choose to group these students with the “30-39” age group and have a new age group of “30 and over”. If new groupings are not possible, the number for this grouping, as well as a second grouping, will be suppressed. The suppression of two groupings is necessary so a person cannot calculate a suppressed value by subtraction.

Users of this dashboard should understand that data are suppressed to protect student privacy because the number of students in that grouping is too small to display. Having these specific data is not necessary to make large-scale policy decisions since the suppressed information generally represents a very small percentage of students.

For more information about FERPA or other privacy initiatives, please visit the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) National Center for Education Statistics Privacy Technical Center (PTAC).


OFM Forecasting and Research Division worked with the partners below to create this dashboard.


The dashboard will be updated with the next year of data by December 1st of each year.