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Governor Gregoire: Promises Made, Promises Kept

2006 Session: Building on the Success of Last Year


OLYMPIA – Governor Chris Gregoire today applauded the Washington House of Representatives and the Washington Senate as they adjourned the 2006 Legislative Session. In her State of the State address, Governor Gregoire said that the job of legislators was to build on the success and accomplishments of last session.

“I am confident that this legislative session will be remembered for several breakthrough accomplishments and for the bipartisan way that we worked together for the future of all Washingtonians,” said Governor Gregoire. “I am proud of the tone of civility that has existed in Olympia these past 60 days; if you look at the work we accomplished this year, you see the spirit of bipartisanship and the absence of heated rhetoric.”

“From investing in home-grown energy markets to making sure kids have the tools needed to achieve academic success, we took on the big issues this session, making real progress for one Washington," said Speaker Frank Chopp. “I'm proud of our accomplishments, working together to improve the lives of Washington families.”

“In the face of the feds pulling back on funding for Medicare, our veterans and mental health treatment, we stepped up and filled in these gaps that are taking a serious toll on our citizens,” said Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown. “We passed a responsible budget that puts money away for future costs we know we can expect to deal with next session.”

The Governor sought and won targeted investments to help students succeed and give preschoolers a jump-start in learning, to develop a biofuels industry in Washington, to restore and protect Puget Sound and investigate regional solutions to large transportation needs.

She also required a supplemental budget that would save substantially for the future and was able to put aside $935 million for education, pensions and health care costs.

Logjams were broken on several longstanding issues:

“I often say that we can be an example for the ‘other Washington’ and these past two legislative sessions have certainly demonstrated that,” said Governor Gregoire. “This unprecedented reserve is the largest savings in state history.”

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