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Delivered: Fiscal Responsibility, Targeted Investments

Governor Chris Gregoire today signed budgets that meet critical needs and save over $940 million


OLYMPIA–Governor Chris Gregoire today signed into law the state’s supplemental budget, fulfilling her promise to put aside money to pay for future needs. The budget saves over $940 million and makes targeted investments in education, health care, environment, energy, transportation and economic development programs—and provides for a stable pension system.

When she released her budget proposal last December, Governor Gregoire said, “We must make targeted investments that make a real difference for Washington families and set aside some new revenue to address critical needs next year in health care and education. I believe we can do both.”

The budget she signed today does just that. In addition to targeted investments, the budget makes adjustments in spending, factoring in unexpected increases in required costs for public schools, public safety, programs for children and adults, and state pensions.

“My values and priorities are the same as any Washington family. This budget represents a significant investment in education and maintains a commitment to fiscal responsibility—it is what I would want for my family and is what the state of Washington expects from me,” said Governor Gregoire. “I applaud the legislature for their cooperation and bipartisanship in crafting a common sense spending and savings plan.”

The budget signed today by Governor Gregoire includes:

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