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Gov. Gregoire Makes Education Top Priority, Demands Accountability and Results


OLYMPIA—Governor Chris Gregoire today released her budget proposal for 2007-2009.  Governor Gregoire’s budget reflects her commitment to world-class education, children’s health insurance and other top priorities including fiscal responsibility, quality health care and job creation.

“It is time to invest in our future,” said Governor Gregoire. “I have listened carefully to people in every part of our state and I hear again and again that people want good schools, family-wage jobs and access to affordable, quality health care. This budget makes changes families can count on and reflects the values of our state.”

Governor Gregoire has visited several communities across the state, talking to Washingtonians about state government priorities, performance and accountability. She has heard directly from citizens about their priorities and identified ways to measure if state government is working better.

Governor Gregoire’s nearly $30 billion budget will:

Governor Gregoire’s budget builds on the successes of her administration.  Since elected, she has:

The Governor’s proposed budget now goes to the Legislature for consideration.