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Potential sites for UW North Puget Sound campus announced


OLYMPIA –The Office of Financial Management and the University of Washington have made a “first cut” on the list of sites proposed for the new permanent home of the UW North Puget Sound campus.  From a total of 73 sites submitted for consideration, nine sites have been selected for further evaluation.  Individuals and organizations who submitted site proposals will be notified of the state’s conclusions by email and letter today.

The nine sites identified for additional analysis and consideration, listed in alphabetical order, are:

Site evaluation for the new campus began with the inventory of the 73 sites submitted for consideration.  Each proposed property was evaluated for its ability to support the academic plan for the campus.  The preliminary academic plan for the new institution calls for the UW North Puget Sound to emphasize real world interactions between students and their community, with a focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  This plan will require the campus to be located in close proximity to diverse employment opportunities.  The area from Arlington to Everett possesses the highest existing and forecasted densities of population and employment opportunities within the Snohomish-Island-Skagit County region.

In addition, each of the 73 sites was evaluated for effective transportation options between population and employment centers within the Snohomish-Island-Skagit County region, and for its size and land use suitability for long-term campus development.

These nine remaining sites will undergo further evaluation, along with any additional sites that are submitted as part of the second solicitation described below.  The next round of evaluation will consider proximity to sites that could serve as the interim location of the campus, site-specific conditions, and other factors.

OFM and UW are seeking additional submissions for sites to be the permanent home of the new institution with the following criteria:

Previously submitted site proposals that did not make the first cut may be resubmitted with additional information to demonstrate that they meet the above characteristics.

Proposals for additional sites that meet the above criteria may be submitted by owners or their legal representatives, or by municipalities, and must contain the following information:

Non-responsive submittals will not be considered.  Submit two printed copies (or one electronic submittal via e-mail or mailed CD) of the requested information by September 14th at 5:00 pm.  Address submittals to NBBJ, 223 Yale Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109, Attention: Bill Sanford.  

For submittal-related questions, contact Martin Regge, NBBJ Principal at (206) 223-5105.

The preliminary academic plan and site recommendations for the new UW North are due to the Governor and Legislature on November 15, 2007.

Contact: Glenn Kuper, Office of Financial Management, 360-902-7607