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I-960 reporting begins with convening of Legislature

State agency identifies all bills with fees, taxes


OLYMPIA – Two years ago, Washington voters passed Initiative 960, which requires the state Office of Financial Management to identify and determine the fiscal impact of bills that include taxes or fees. That process was initiated for the Legislature in 2008.

With the convening of the Legislature on Jan. 12, OFM is ready to review all bills. Those with taxes or fees are sent to budget analysts who determine what revenue would be raised over a 10-year period. The initiative requires that each time one of these bills is scheduled for a hearing or voted upon, a press release be sent to those who subscribe to a Listserv.

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Also called the state budget office, the Office of Financial Management is charged with developing and tracking budgets for other state agencies, among multiple responsibilities. Budgets are considered and passed by the state Legislature, and signed into law by the governor. Headquartered in Olympia, OFM employs accountants, bookkeepers, budget and policy analysts and other professionals to manage operating budgets totaling $59.9 billion and capital, or construction, budgets totaling $11.5 billion (including transportation construction) for the 2007–09 biennium.

Contact: Kate Lykins Brown, Office of Financial Management, 360-902-0619