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Natural resource agencies submit reform ideas to governor


OLYMPIA – The Office of Financial Management and the state’s natural resource agencies today submitted to Gov. Chris Gregoire a list of ways to potentially improve services and reduce costs.

Gregoire’s policy and budget staff and Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark’s senior staff worked with natural resource agencies to brainstorm ideas for reforming the organization and management of natural resource agencies.

“In my second inaugural address, I said state government needs to rethink the way we deliver programs and services throughout Washington,” Gregoire said.“This document begins a public dialogue on reforming our work in natural resources.”

“We have been reforming the Department of Natural Resources since the day I came into office,” Goldmark said. “Through this broad reform effort, we have an opportunity to work with other agencies to create greater efficiencies and environmental protection for the people of the state.”

Certain themes emerged from the ideas that were suggested:

The document presents reform ideas, not a set of recommendations. Agency leaders will now gather comments, concerns, suggestions or additional reform ideas from tribes, other government partners, stakeholders, lawmakers, agency employees and their bargaining units, and the public. Gregoire and Goldmark will consider this input and then make their final decisions on which proposals to pursue. Some reforms could likely be implemented by order of the governor or commissioner, while others may require legislative approval.

Suggestions will be evaluated by how well they will:

Ideas submitted to the governor can be viewed at

Comments or additional ideas can be submitted to

Contact: Kate Lykins Brown, Office of Financial Management, 360-902-0619