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Adult Population's Willingness to See Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

Research Brief 68

Apr. 2013

Anticipating the Needs of the Uninsured by Assessing at-Risk Communities

Research Brief 59

Feb. 2011

Availability of Primary Care Physicians to Serve the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid Expansion Population

Research Brief 65

June 2012


Consequences of Smoking - A Regional Perspective

Research Brief 61

Oct. 2011

County Health Coverage in Washington State, 2014

Research Brief 77

Apr. 2016


Data Book

A compendium of information about Washington with sections on Population, Economy, State Government Finance, Human Services, Criminal Justice, Education, Natural Resources, Environment, Energy, Transportation, and Local Government.

Jan. 2015

Demographic Characteristics and Health Status of Non-elderly Adults Enrolled in Washington's Medicaid Expansion in 2015

Research Brief 84

Jun. 2017


Firearm Deaths In Washington State

Research Brief 71

Apr. 2013

First Look at the Uninsured Population in Washington State

Research Brief 57

Dec. 2010

Forecast of the State Population by Age and Sex: 2010 to 2040


First Year Impact of ACA on Washington State's Health Coverage

Research Brief 73

Sept. 2015


Geographies of Opportunity, The Washington State Experience

Research Brief 83

Mar. 2017

Geographic Variations in Hospitalizations for Bacterial Pneumonia

Research Brief 56

June 2010


Health Coverage Changes Under the ACA for Non-elderly Veterans and Spouses of Veterans in Washington

Research Brief 82

Mar. 2017

How Long and How Far Do Adults Travel and Will Adults Travel for Primary Care?

Research Brief 70

Apr. 2013


Input-Output Model, The Washington

Oct. 2012


Juveniles Sentenced As Adults and Juvenile Decline Hearings

Research Brief 72

Oct. 2013

Jail Bookings in Washington State

Research Brief 78

June 2016


Life Expectancy and Mortality Rates by State Legislative Districts 2012-14, Variations in

Feb. 2016

Long-Term Economic Forecast for Washington

May 2015


Maternal and Newborn Inpatient Stays with a Substance Use or Use-Related Diagnosis

Research Brief 75

Feb. 2016

Medicaid Growth Under the ACA: A Game-Changer in Reducing Washington's Uninsured in 2014

Research Brief 76

Apr. 2016


Population Trends for Washington State

This publication is updated annually in and contains numerous tables. It provides information on city and county populations, housing, annexations, household size, race, median income, military personnel and Data Center contacts throughout the State.


Potentially Preventable Hospitalizations by Legislative District

Research Brief 85

July 2017

Profile of the Non Elderly Adult Uninsured Population

Research Brief 60

Apr. 2011

Profile of Washington State's Family Medicine Physicians

Research Brief 66

Feb. 2013

Profile of Washington State's OB/GYNs

Research Brief 67

Feb. 2013

Public Acceptance of Alternative Provider Encounter Options for Primary Care

Research Brief 69

Apr. 2013

P2011-1: Evaluation of OFM's 2010 Population Estimates

Research Brief 63

Nov. 2011

P2011-2: Migration Patterns in Washington State: 2005-2009

Research Brief 64

Nov. 2011


Second Year Impact of ACA on Washington State's Health Coverage

Research Brief 80

Dec. 2016

Sepsis Hospitalizations: Trends and Geographic Variations

Research Brief 62

June 2012


Trends in County Uninsured Rates in Washington: 2013-15

Research Brief 81

Mar. 2017


Uninsured Rate Changes in Washington State's Population Groups: 2013-14

Research Brief 74

Nov. 2015


Violent Crime Trends and Geographic Variations

Research Brief 79

Oct. 2016


Washington State's Practicing Physician Workforce - Capacity and Characteristics

Research Brief 58

Dec. 2010