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Frequently asked questions

Why is this Listserv being provided?

The initiative requires that everyone who asks to be sent information be accommodated. This is the easiest way for us to serve a number of subscribers.

How do I subscribe?

Use this link to the Tax and Fee Proposal listserv.

How do I unsubscribe?

Use this link to the Tax and Fee Proposal listserv.

I signed up for the Listserv. Why aren’t I getting any press releases?

If you’re having trouble, it may be that your browser can’t read the e-mail or that your spam filter is stripping out the link. Contact us at to make sure the issue isn’t with what we are sending you.

Why is the press release hard to read?

We’ve tried to make the format as easy to read as we can. If you’re having trouble, it may be a browser issue. Contact us at and we’ll make sure the problem isn’t at our end.

If I hit “reply,” is there someone who can help me?

Not if you hit “reply.” Due to staff workload and spam concerns, we have not set up this feature. If you are having technical issues, contact us at  for help.

Why am I getting so many press releases for just one bill?

The initiative requires that an e-mail press release be sent each time specific actions occur for a bill. Press releases are sent:

Bills may be heard and voted on in more than one committee in the house of origin. If they pass out of committee and are passed by the sponsoring house, the process repeats itself in the other house. For instance, if a Senate bill passes the Senate, it is introduced, potentially heard and voted on in House committees and potentially, the entire House, if it makes it that far. If the opposite house amends the bill, it is referred back to the original house for concurrence or further amendment. That’s a lot of press releases for a single bill.

Can I limit the number of press releases I receive? Or receive news releases only when a particular bill has passed the House or Senate? Or when a particular bill heads to the Governor’s desk for signature?

No. There is no way to choose certain bills. The initiative does not allow for tracking certain bills. It’s an all-or-nothing option.

Can I select to receive press releases for certain bills or bills on a certain topic?

No. Please see previous answer.

How can I comment on the merits of a bill?

The Listserv does not collect this input. On the press release, you can click on the name(s) of the bill’s sponsor(s) to share your comments by e-mail, or call the legislator(s) office number, which is provided.

Is there another way I can access the information provided in press releases through the Listserv?

Yes. View the press release archive for 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 or 2008.

How do I find copies of the bills?

Follow this link: It also has other information you may find helpful, such as public hearing information and bill reports.

How do I learn more about the legislative process?

Follow this link: It contains links to other resources.