Chart of Accounts Project

The Chart of Accounts (COA) project is a centrally governed and consistent COA to be used in the new ERP system. We are working on Phase 3 of the project during fiscal year 2019.

This image shows the Chart of Accounts Timeline between 2014 and 2021. During fiscal year 2019, the project is in Phase 3.

What are we working on now?

This image shows what activity within the timeline the chart of accounts team is currently working on. The current goal is to understand how the current COA is used and what gaps currently exist. To answer this question, the team has sent surveys to 13 agencies as well as the forecasting groups. In addition, the team is meeting with other stakeholders, including OFM Budget, LEAP, and the Legislative Fiscal Committees.

What are the next steps?

Use the information gathered from agencies and stakeholders to develop the new COA structure.

For additional information

Contact Michael Schaub at 360-725-0225 or

Project artifacts