Master Payee and Customer File Project

Our goal is to have a master payee file when the new ERP system goes live, which would include both payees and customers.

This image shows the Master Payee Project Timeline with phase 1 in fiscal year 2019 and phase 2 in fiscal year 2020.

What have we done?

The AFRS Agency Vendor table has been cleaned up and converted to only Employees and select Board and Commission members that are compensated via HRMS, except for one agency.

What are we working on now?

WaTech is actively developing and testing the new automated employee update from HRMS to AFRS to the new Statewide Employee table and the AFRS processes to using the new statewide employee table.

What are the next steps?

Monitoring the current AFRS Agency vendor file to make sure we keep it clean.

Preparing documentation to share with all agencies about the new statewide employee table and how it will work in comparison to the current agency vendor table.

Updating existing AFRS documentation to include the new statewide employee information and remove the old agency vendor information.

Implement the new Statewide Employee table before the end of FY 19.

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