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Master Payee and Customer File Project

Our goal is to have a master payee file when the new ERP system goes live, which would include both payees and customers.

This image shows the Master Payee Project Timeline with phase 1 in fiscal year 2019 and phase 2 in fiscal year 2020.

What have we done?

The new Statewide Employee table was implemented in AFRS on Saturday, June 8, 2019.  The old agency vendor file will not be available to agencies to modify anymore and will be decommissioned in 6 months.

The new Statewide Employee table gets updated from HRMS every work day.  If an employee needs anything changed, please have them update it in ESS or ask them payroll office to make the change for them depending upon your agency’s policies.  Prior to this change, AFRS only received updates on Day 4 of payroll twice a month.

AFRS documentation has been updated to include information about the new Statewide Employee Table.  AFRS documentation is located at /it-systems/agency-financial-reporting-system-afrs/afrs-documentation

Thank you to all the agencies for their time on all the prep work that needed to be done in advance to be able to convert to the new Statewide Employee table.  We learned a lot of things along the way that is both common and unique to agencies.  i.e. board members, commissioners, seasonal workers, hiring process in relationship to payments, advance payments, etc.

What are we working on now?

Monitor the changes that were made to AFRS and answer any questions that come up from agencies.

We are also working with agencies to make sure the address 1 and address 2 in HRMS stays within the 32 character limit of AFRS so their mailing addresses for paper warrants and remittance advices will not be truncated in AFRS.

What are the next steps?

Agencies need to setup their Interest records for the employees, outside their agency, that they compensate through TEMS or AFRS.  This will help them get a list of employees from WebI of only those employees they own or have interest in.

OFM Accounting Portfolio ITS and SWA will work next on the blocking, unblocking and purging rules/requirements for the new Statewide Employee table.

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