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Foundation Data Model (Chart of Accounts)

The Foundation Data Model (FDM) is a multi-dimensional data structure that serves as the backbone for transaction processing and reporting done within Workday. Its structure maximizes reporting capabilities. The FDM will replace the existing chart of accounts when Phase 1A, Core Financials, goes live in June 2022.

In 2014, initial work began to define a centrally governed and consistent statewide chart of accounts structure. Additional work could not be completed until the software vendor was selected.  In 2020, Workday was selected as the ERP vendor, and Deloitte was named as the system integrator.

In February 2021, work began on developing the FDM using best practices. Custom configuration will be kept to a minimum in order to have consistency across all agencies. Each FDM dimension (i.e. Company, Fund, Cost Center, Program, etc.) will be defined as to the purpose for which it can be used. Details of the FDM design have not been finalized and agencies will be involved in its development. We expect the initial definition of FDM elements (FDM blueprint) to be complete by April 2021.


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