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2019–21 biennium operating budget instructions

Table of contents

2019-21 operating and capital budget instructions memo - June 11, 2018

2019-21 Biennium Operating Budget Instructions - complete document

Chapter 1: Budget Request Basics

  • About the instructions
  • Context for state agency budget requests
  • The budget in two views
  • What are the submittal requirements?
  • Other general preparation requirements

Chapter 2: Decision Packages

  • What is a decision package?
  • Required elements of a decision package
  • 2019-21 biennium budget decision package

Chapter 3: Activities and Performance

  • What are the budget submittal requirements for activities?
  • How to treat administrative costs in the activity inventory
  • What are the budget submittal requirements for performance measures?
  • Performance measure incremental estimates

Chapter 4: Recommendation Summary View

  • What is the recommendation summary?
  • RecSum submittal requirements

Chapter 5: Carry-Forward, Maintenance and Policy Levels

  • What is carry-forward level?
  • What is maintenance level?
  • What is policy level?
  • Unanticipated receipts?

Chapter 6: Salary, Pension and Insurance Data

  • Agency compensation data collection and update
  • Valid pension system codes
  • Other compensation cost notes

Chapter 7: Agency Revenues and Fund Balance Reports

  • Summarized revenues report
  • Fund summary and fund balancing
  • Revenue transfer reconciliation statement
  • Working capital reserve (B9-1)

Chapter 8: Fee Information

  • Approval for new or increased fees
  • Submittal process

Chapter 9: Facility Leases and Facility Maintenance

  • Lease renewal and rate adjustments, major lease requests and six-year facilities plan

Chapter 10: Information Technology

  • Information technology planning and budget requests - a statewide enterprise approach
  • IT projects/systems/investments requiring consultation with consolidated technology services (WaTech)
  • IT investments must comply with IT statutes and policies
  • Statewide IT plan and technology budget

Chapter 11: Central Service Charges, Risk Management and Self-Insurance Premiums

  • What are central services?
  • Charges not included in the central service model
  • How do I receive funding for these services?
  • What fund split does my agency receive for these services
  • Required information for central service provider agencies
  • Risk management and self-insurance premiums

Chapter 12: Other Budget Reports

  • Nonbudgeted local fund summaries
  • State matching requirements for federal funding
  • Additional federal receipts reporting requirements
  • Puget Sound recovery
  • Other budget reports and data


Link to 2017-19 Biennium Operating Budget Instructions

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