Office of Attorney General

  Annual FTEs General Fund State Other Funds Total Funds
  (Dollars in Thousands)
Estimated Expenditures 1,182.5 16,168 287,851 304,019

2017-19 Maintenance Other Changes

Other Fund Adjustments 0.0 0 (523) (523)
Lighthouse Resources Inc v. Inslee 2.9 0 1,487 1,487
2017-19 Maintenance Other Changes Total 2.9 0 964 964
Total Maintenance Changes 2.9 0 964 964
2017-19 Maintenance Level 1,185.4 16,168 288,815 304,983

2017-19 Policy Other Changes

Medicaid Fraud Control 5.8 0 1,736 1,736
2017-19 Policy Other Changes Total 5.8 0 1,736 1,736
Total Policy Changes 5.8 0 1,736 1,736
2017-19 Policy Level 1,191.2 16,168 290,551 306,719

Policy Changes

Other Fund Adjustments

The expenditure authority for the Foreclosure Fairness Account is reduced to match anticipated revenue.

Lighthouse Resources Inc v. Inslee

The Office of the Attorney General is provided funding to defend a federal lawsuit filed against the Governor, Commissioner of Public Lands, and director of the Department of Ecology. The suit raises significant issues around the scope of a state’s authority to apply its environmental laws to export projects.

Medicaid Fraud Control

In the past year, the number of Medicaid fraud investigations has dramatically increased in complexity and scope. In addition, due to outreach and education of the Attorney General's Office (AGO) partner agencies, fraud referrals and investigations produced by data mining continue to increase in volume and quality. This funding will allow the AGO to meet the state match for an increase in federal funds from the Office of the Inspector General at the Department of Health and Human Services to better protect the Medicaid program and vulnerable citizens in Washington.