Department of Transportation

  Annual FTEs General Fund State Other Funds Total Funds
  (Dollars in Thousands)
Estimated Expenditures 7,009.0 0 6,459,014 6,459,014

2017-19 Maintenance Other Changes

CSC Toll Vendor Increase 0.0 0 2,645 2,645
SR 167 HOT Lane Enforcement 0.0 0 92 92
Fuel Rate Adjustments 0.0 0 1,601 1,601
Capital Projects 0.0 0 (360,469) (360,469)
Double Appropriation Adjustment 0.0 0 (350) (350)
Amtrak Insurance Payment 1.4 0 284 284
Third Party Damage Costs 4.5 0 1,349 1,349
Stormwater Fees 0.0 0 242 242
Snow and Ice Contingency 0.0 0 2,500 2,500
Unreimbursed Disasters 0.0 0 1,300 1,300
UAR MASH Implementation 0.0 0 603 603
Required Payments to Other Agencies 0.0 0 5,946 5,946
Transit Projects Adjustment 0.0 0 (7,658) (7,658)
Reappropriation Adjustment 0.0 0 (21,346) (21,346)
Regional Mobility Adjustment 0.0 0 46 46
WSF Fuel Costs 0.0 0 4,481 4,481
WSF Credit Card Costs 0.0 0 105 105
WSF Staff Overtime Expenses 3.7 0 3,612 3,612
WSF Emergency Costs 0.0 0 500 500
2017-19 Maintenance Other Changes Total 9.6 0 (364,517) (364,517)
Total Maintenance Changes 9.6 0 (364,517) (364,517)
2017-19 Maintenance Level 7,018.6 0 6,094,497 6,094,497

2017-19 Policy Other Changes

Capital Projects 0.0 0 10,978 10,978
2017-19 Policy Other Changes Total 0.0 0 10,978 10,978
Total Policy Changes 0.0 0 10,978 10,978
2017-19 Policy Level 7,018.6 0 6,105,475 6,105,475

Policy Changes

CSC Toll Vendor Increase

Funding is provided to extend the contract of the current statewide customer service center (CSC) toll vendor to ensure the collection of tolls on all tolled facilities in the state as the department transitions to a new toll vendor.

SR 167 HOT Lane Enforcement

This funding will maintain the current level of services from the Washington State Patrol for enforcement of toll lane violations on State Route 167 High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes.

Fuel Rate Adjustments

Capital Projects

Funding is adjusted to align with updated expenditure estimates.

Double Appropriation Adjustment

Funding is adjusted to correct a double appropriation that was made in Substitute Senate Bill 5806 (2017) and the budget bill.

Amtrak Insurance Payment

The maintenance program is authorized to spend funding received from Amtrak related to the train derailment in December 2017.

Third Party Damage Costs

Funding is provided to repair damages to highways caused by unknown third parties.

Stormwater Fees

Funding is provided for payment of stormwater utility fees assessed by local governments as required by RCW 90.03.525 for mitigation of stormwater runoff from state highways.

Snow and Ice Contingency

A contingency pool of funding is established for snow and ice removal that can only be used once costs have exceeded the agency's base funding.

Unreimbursed Disasters

Funding is provided for maintenance work related to emergency relief and damage from disasters that are not eligible for federal emergency reimbursement.

UAR MASH Implementation

Expenditure authority is provided to accept money from other states for planning research projects.

Required Payments to Other Agencies

Funding is provided for unanticipated legal expenses and increased charges from the Office of Minority and Women's Business Enterprises.

Transit Projects Adjustment

Funding is adjusted to align with updated expenditure estimates.

Reappropriation Adjustment

Funding is adjusted to align with updated expenditure estimates.

Regional Mobility Adjustment

Funding is adjusted to align with updated expenditure estimates.

WSF Fuel Costs

Funding is adjusted to reflect increased fuel costs in the ferry operations program.

WSF Credit Card Costs

Funding is provided for increased credit card fees due to a higher volume and value of credit card transactions.

WSF Staff Overtime Expenses

Staffing is insufficient to fill every deck and engine room work shift necessary to meet U.S. Coast Guard sailing requirements, increased workload demands, and customer expectations at ferry terminals. Funding is provided for unavoidable overtime expenses.

WSF Emergency Costs

Funding is increased for operating costs incurred in support of emergency capital repairs of vessels.