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Pollution Liability Insurance Program

  Annual FTEs General Fund State Other Funds Total Funds
  (Dollars in Thousands)
Estimated Expenditures 8.0 0 2,565 2,565
Total Maintenance Changes 0.0 0 0 0
2017-19 Maintenance Level 8.0 0 2,565 2,565

2017-19 Policy Other Changes

Tank Insurance Programs Study 0.0 0 50 50
SB 6159/Limit Heating Oil Claims 0.70 0 142 142
2017-19 Policy Other Changes Total 0.70 0 192 192
Total Policy Changes 0.70 0 192 192
2017-19 Policy Level 8.7 0 2,757 2,757

Policy Changes

Tank Insurance Programs Study

One-time funding and staff are provided to initiate a performance evaluation of the commercial underground storage tank reinsurance and heating oil insurance programs. The purpose of the study is to assess performance, compare outcomes to peer programs in other states and provide recommendations on potential programmatic improvements.

SB 6159/Limit Heating Oil Claims

One-time funding and staff are provided to implement Chapter 194, Laws of 2018 (related to the reauthorization of the underground storage tank program), which imposed a $15 million annual limit on claims payouts for leaking heating oil tanks enrolled in the agency's no-cost insurance program. This funding will be used to notify registered tank owners of the new statutory claims payout cap, amend rules and provide staff assistance to insured individuals seeking information and assistance regarding the claims cap.