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State Parks and Recreation Commission

  Annual FTEs General Fund State Other Funds Total Funds
  (Dollars in Thousands)
Estimated Expenditures 681.9 19,321 147,119 166,440

2017-19 Maintenance Other Changes

Utility Rate Adjustments 0.0 0 94 94
Discover Pass Fulfillment 0.0 0 113 113
Private/Local Spending Authority 0.0 0 195 195
Ongoing Technology Costs 0.0 0 43 43
Unemployment Costs 0.0 0 284 284
2017-19 Maintenance Other Changes Total 0.0 0 729 729
Total Maintenance Changes 0.0 0 729 729
2017-19 Maintenance Level 681.9 19,321 147,848 167,169

2017-19 Policy Other Changes

Natural Resources Rehabilitation 0.0 250 0 250
2017-19 Policy Other Changes Total 0.0 250 0 250
Total Policy Changes 0.0 250 0 250
2017-19 Policy Level 681.9 19,571 147,848 167,419

Policy Changes

Utility Rate Adjustments

In response to increasing utility rate costs at state parks, one-time funding is provided for expenses in fiscal year 2019.

Discover Pass Fulfillment

Discover Pass sales are projected to increase by 5 percent in fiscal year 2019. The increase in projected sales means an increase in the cost to print and fulfill orders for the pass. The commission is responsible for production of the annual pass and incurs the cost. The Department of Fish and Wildlife and Department of Natural Resources reimburse the commission a 16 percent share of the cost of production. Additional funding is provided to pay for the increase in the costs of production resulting from an increase in sales.

Private/Local Spending Authority

The commission receives donations and grants from local and private entities such as foundations, public utility districts and friends groups. Private and local funding is typically dedicated to specific projects and services such as art in the parks, interpretative services and trail maintenance. Additional one-time funding is provided for the commission to utilize these grants and donations to complete projects and enhance services.

Ongoing Technology Costs

Internet access costs at state park locations have increased. One-time funding is provided to pay for the increase in costs during fiscal year 2019.

Unemployment Costs

One-time funding is provided to pay for higher unemployment claims in fiscal year 2019.

Natural Resources Rehabilitation

One-time funding is provided to rehabilitate park land damaged by wildfires at Gingko and Twenty-Five Mile Creek parks and to address a pine park beetle infestation at Mount Spokane State Park.