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Public Disclosure Commission

RCW 42.17A

The Public Disclosure Commission — established by initiative of the people in 1972 — administers and enforces the laws pertaining to the disclosure of political campaign finances, lobbying, and the financial affairs of elected officials and candidates for public office. The commission also oversees contribution limits, allowable uses of campaign funds and the prohibition against use of public resources to assist campaigns. It has regulated more than $1 billion in campaign contributions and more than $600 million in state lobbying over the last decade.

Agency Mission

The Public Disclosure Commission promotes confidence in the political process by providing timely and meaningful access to information about the financing of political campaigns, lobbying expenditures and financial affairs of public officials and candidates and by ensuring equitable enforcement of Washington’s disclosure and campaign finance laws.
Request 11,212,000
Net change from current biennium 4,040,000 Increase
Percent change from current biennium 56.3% Increase

Operating Budget: Summary

Appropriated Funds

2017-19 Appropriations Appropriated Funds Expenditures
Amount Estimated Balance   2015-17 Actual 2017-19 Estimated 2019-21 Proposed
6,912,000 General Fund - Basic Account - State 4,810,510 6,912,000 10,892,000
Public Disclosure Transparency Acct - State 60,000
260,000 Pension Funding Stabilization Acct - State 260,000 260,000
7,172,000 Total Appropriated Funds 4,810,510 7,172,000 11,212,000

Non-Appropriated Funds

2017-19 Non-Appropriated Funds Expenditures
Amount Balance Non-Apropriated Funds 2015-17 Actual 2017-19 Estimated 2019-21 Proposed
Industrial Insurance Premium Refund - Nonappropriated 38
Info Tech Invest Rev Acct - Nonappropriated 14,000
Total Non-Appropriated Funds 14,038

Operating Budget: Program Summary

Program Title Actual Estimated Proposed
Actual Estimated Estimated Proposed Proposed
Annual Total 2,401,882 2,991,981 1,896,471 5,549,000 5,663,000

Operating Budget: Change from Preceding Biennium

Actual Estimated Proposed
Amount Percent Amount Percent Amount Percent
751,483 18.5% 63,904 1.3% 6,323,548 129.4%

Employment Summary

  Actual Estimated Proposed
  2016-17 Actual 2017-18 Estimated 2018-19 Estimated 2019-20 Proposed 2020-21 Proposed
FTE Staff Years 16.7 18.3 26.2 30.6 33.6