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Rail - Operating - Department of Transportation

The Rail – Operating program is responsible for planning and implementing rail passenger service; supporting operation of state sponsored Amtrak service between Vancouver, British Columbia, and Portland, Oregon; and maintaining state owned trains. The state’s freight rail program analyzes trends, issues, and the potential needs of Washington’s freight rail system and administers operations of state owned rail lines in Eastern Washington. The Rail – Capital program provides support, administration, coordination, and planning for both passenger and freight rail improvements. The program is responsible for implementing investments to maintain and improve operation of the state sponsored rail passenger program, track improvements, and acquisition of passenger train equipment. The program also provides grants for investments to preserve and improve freight rail service in the state.
Request 84,247,000
Net change from current biennium 54,971,686 Increase
Percent change from current biennium 187.8% Increase

Program Level Summary

Fund Title Actual Estimated Proposed
Actual Estimated Estimated Proposed Proposed
Multimodal Transportation Account - Private/Local 30,420 68,161 116,970 171,000 125,000
Multimodal Transportation Account - State 21,817,478 24,113,547 4,976,636 41,013,000 42,938,000
Annual Total 21,847,898 24,181,708 5,093,605 41,184,000 43,063,000

Operating Budget: Change from Preceding Biennium

Actual Estimated Proposed
Amount Percent Amount Percent Amount Percent
158,909 0.35% (16,277,873) (35.7%) 54,971,686 187.8%

Employment Summary

  Actual Estimated Proposed
  2016-17 Actual 2017-18 Estimated 2018-19 Estimated 2019-20 Proposed 2020-21 Proposed
FTE Staff Years 10.2 13.2 15.8 13.8 16.1