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Space is a crucial component of building a modern work environment. Modernizing the workplace involves modifying our institutional practice of standardizing workspace for all. It focuses on workspace designs that support the business needs of the agency and its organizational culture, reflecting how the space is actually used. It is important to identify how space will best support the agency’s overarching mission, core values, leadership vision, employee workstyles and business processes.

State Space Use Guidelines

These guidelines provide the framework for defining and designing workplaces in Washington:

How to use space to its full potential

Get guidance on how to create the right climate in your workplace, engage and enable your staff, then implement and sustain your workplace strategy:

Choice and variety of space empower employees and have a direct impact on productivity and job satisfaction. See examples of the space types being implemented in different areas of state government:

Space Use Recomendation Report

See a high-level summary of Washington's current space use: