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Changing your vendor registration

This page provides instructions if you are already registered as a Statewide Payee and need to change your:

  • Mailing address
  • Bank account information
  • Business or Company name (Doing Business As name)
  • Contact name, email, phone number or fax
  • Payment preferences

Note that we will need to create a NEW registration for you if you are changing:

  • the LEGAL NAME by which you report to the IRS
  • the EIN or the SSN for the legal name
  • the IRS reporting type for the legal name (corporation, LLC, sole proprietor, etc.)

    How do I change the information in my payee registration?

    1. Complete the Statewide Payee Registration Form. Please note that incomplete or illegible forms will be returned and may delay payments, so we recommend that you use the instructions and complete the form on line. Complete the ENTIRE form, even if you are only changing one aspect. This will help us verify your account and keep it current.
    2. Print both pages. Sign the Deposit Authorization on page 1 if you have chosen direct deposit and sign the W-9 on page 2.
    3. Be sure to save a copy for your records.
    4. Please fax the signed forms to 360-664-3363 
      or mail to:
      Statewide Payee Desk
      P.O. Box 41450
      Olympia, WA 98504-1434


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