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General Government Transition Pool

The General Government Transition Pool (GGTP) assists displaced employees by matching them with general government job opportunities based on broad-based knowledge and skills. This allows employees access to positions where existing skills and experiences can be built upon with position-specific training.

Eligibility Criteria

The GGTP is available to:

  • Employees who have been laid off or notified that they are at risk of layoff.
  • Employees who are eligible for the return-to-work program.
  • Permanent Washington Management Service (WMS) and classified general government employees who accept a position in Washington General Service (WGS) and are being voluntarily or involuntarily reverted during trial service.
  • Permanent WMS employees who accept acting appointments and don't return on the agreed-upon date.
  • Former permanent classified general government employees who have submitted a written request for reemployment within two years of disability separation, and who have met reemployment requirements.
  • General government employees in a business unit whose contract has expired or been terminated.
  • Project employees who entered the project competitively.
  • Exempt employees who have held previous classified state service without a break in service. These employees are only eligible at the classified position and pay range.

Employees on the list may be considered for positions at the same or a lower salary range, if they satisfy the competencies and other position requirements. To participate, employees must complete a GGTP data sheet detailing their competencies.

Removal from the GGTP

When an employee accepts a permanent full-time, part-time, or project position, his or her name will be removed from the pool if they are hired into a permanent position at or above the range from which they were laid off from.

Appeal Rights

There are no appeal rights within the GGTP, and it is not available to higher education employees.

Requesting a Referral

When a general government employer's certified pool contains eligible applicants other than layoff or internal promotional candidates, the employer must certify all GGTP candidates who satisfy the competencies and other position requirements.

The employer must consider the names of employees referred through the GGTP along with other certified names. However, the employer is not required to justify the non-selection of a GGTP candidate. If a GGTP candidate is selected, the employer may require a six-month transition review period.

Procedures and Forms

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