HR Management Report

What is the HR Management Report?

The HR Management Report is composed of several report products used to assess the state's human resource management practices:

  1. Statewide HR Management Report (xlsx format)
  2. Agency HR Management Reports
  3. Statewide HR Management Strategy Roll-up Report

Most of the report is based on the state's fiscal year (FY), which runs from July 1 through June 30. The exception to this is Employee Engagement Survey and Employer of Choice reporting. Starting in 2016, reporting on these strategies changed to align with the survey cycle, which runs from October through September.

Statewide HR Management Report (xls format)

In early August, State Human Resources produces a data report containing performance measures for the HR Management Report. State Human Resources runs all agency performance data that is available from HRMS and Washington Workforce Analytics. This data is compiled into the Statewide HR Management Report (xlsx format). This report includes each agency's data and an Executive Branch roll-up for most* performance measures. Agencies are encouraged to use their workforce data provided in the statewide report to complete their agency HR management report analysis. State Human Resources staff also use the data report for statewide analysis.

*Agencies will provide data on employee performance expectations/evaluations in their HR management reports. Grievance and appeals data will be provided by State Human Resources' Labor Relations and Rules and Appeals sections, respectively.

Agency HR Management Reports

All Executive Branch agencies are required to submit an Agency HR Management Report to State Human Resources. Agency reporting is conducted using an online survey instead of formal reports. State Human Resources distributes the Agency HR Management Report Survey to agencies in mid-August. Agency responses are due by mid-October.

The survey asks agencies about workforce successes, challenges and strategies. It also assesses progress toward several workforce-related  initiatives and executive orders. Topics covered in the survey include: 

  • Key workforce issues and strategies
  • Employee performance management practices
  • Employee engagement and employer of choice strategies
  • Modern work environment strategies
  • Inclusive and respectful work environments
  • Affirmative Action Employment Plans
  • Veteran's Employment Plans
  • Disability Employment Plans
  • LGBTQ+ Inclusion and Safe Places Initiative

Statewide HR Management Strategy Roll-up Report

Starting in 2016, State Human Resources replaced the Statewide HR Management Roll-up Report with a shorter strategy report. The Statewide HR Management Strategy Roll-up Report includes summary information on key workforce strategies. This report uses a combination of agency HR management reports and workforce performance measure data to analyze enterprise workforce measures and summarize agency and enterprise strategies. Staff continues to analyze workforce data from the Statewide HR Management Report (xlsx format) and Agency HR Management Report Survey responses. Key highlights from this analysis are shared with state agency and HR leaders in informal workforce strategy briefings. The Statewide HR Management Strategy Roll-up Report is published in April of each year.

Additional workforce data, similar to what was included in past years' roll-up reports, is available at the following locations:

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