Statewide HR Management Reports

Over the years, State Human Resources has published various versions of the Statewide HR Management Report. Below is a brief description of the different types of reports followed by links to reports dating back to fiscal year 2006:

  • Statewide HR Management Report (xlsx format) - contains detailed workforce performance measures such as Turnover, Appointments, and Diversity by individual agencies with 100 or more employees. It also includes statewide roll-up numbers for comparison.
  • Statewide HR Management Strategy Roll-up Report (PDF format) – contains summary information on key workforce strategies. This report uses a combination of agency HR management reports and workforce performance measure data to analyze enterprise workforce measures and summarize agency and enterprise strategies.
  • Statewide HR Management Roll-Up Report (PDF format) - Produced prior to 2016, this report contains enterprise-level measures, trends, comparisons, and analysis - including analysis from agency HR Management reports submitted to State Human Resources by mid-October every year. This is now replaced with a shorter strategy report, the Statewide HR Management Strategy Roll-up Report.

Statewide HR Management and Roll-Up Reports

FY 2018 Reports

FY 2018 Statewide HR Management Strategy Roll-up Report (pdf)

FY 2018 Statewide HR Management Report (xlsx) - updated 11/8/2018

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