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This information is intended to spark innovative approaches to workforce management that can help us achieve even better outcomes for our products and services. We recognize not every strategy is applicable in all organizations.

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Change Management

Resources for managing the workforce in a changing environment

  • Change Management Fundamentals – Teaching Module (Corporate Leadership Council membership required) An overview of the fundamentals of change management and the role of HR. The module can be used to identify skills necessary to manage change, select the right strategy, and overcome barriers to change.
  • Change Management End-to-End Process Guide (Corporate Leadership Council membership required)
    A detailed overview of the full cycle of change management including tools, checklists, and frameworks throughout the change process.
  • Manager Guide - Building Employee Commitment to Change (Corporate Leadership Council membership required)
    This guide is designed to ensure that managers understand how to build employee commitment to change and how to communicate change in times of uncertainty. Includes guidance on:
    • The process for building employees’ commitment to change.
    • Preparing for employees’ reactions and concerns.
    • Communicating the change effectively.
  • Culture Change (Corporate Leadership Council membership required)
    This briefing paper provides a basic overview of strategies for successfully managing change, including:
    • Components of successful change initiatives.
    • Steps for implementing cultural change.
    • Competencies required of individuals leading change.
  • Change Management Dashboard (Corporate Leadership Council membership required)
    Tool to assess and track organizational success against major change efforts in the planning process. Organizations will have the ability to define objectives, monitor progress, and identify associated risks.

Communication strategies for change initiatives

  • Checklist for Communicating Organization Change (Corporate Leadership Council membership required)
    Outline of five key steps when building and delivering an effective change communications strategy designed to inform and guide employees through a change event.
  • Stakeholder Communication Planning Template (Corporate Leadership Council membership required)
    Template to help identify stakeholders resistant to change or that can become change agents, as well as to identify goals and strategies. This template will also help draft communication plans.

Resources for specific change initiatives

  • Downsizing/Reorganizing (Corporate Leadership Council membership required)
    Provides resources and targeted support to help organizations prepare for, manage, and communicate the major changes inherent in workforce reorganizations or downsizing initiatives, particularly during times of economic uncertainty.
  • Compensation Benefit change (Corporate Leadership Council membership required)
    This section contains tools and resources for communicating changes to compensation or benefits plans.
  • Technology/ System change (Corporate Leadership Council membership required)
    This section contains resources aligned to each phase of systems change management, ranging from evaluating change to sustaining absorption in order to capture ROI.
  • Corporate Leadership Council Change Management Topic Center
    Portal for members that includes guides, tools, and resources at various stages of the change process.

Additional Resources

  • Overcoming the Fear of Change (GALLUP Management Journal)
    Implementing change almost always breeds uncertainty, but these tumultuous times demand it. A 20-year expert explains why change initiatives usually fail, when it's better to take small steps, and how to get people on board.

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