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Employee engagement problem solving guide


The Employee Engagement Problem Solving Guide was created by a small group of agencies working to improve employee engagement.

The guide is intended to help state agencies apply scientific thinking (Plan-Do-Check-Act) to employee engagement problems. In addition to general guidance, tools were created to walk agencies through the problem solving steps for two specific problems:

  • Not using customer feedback to improve work processes
  • Not encouraging employees to come up with better ways of doing things

These problems were chosen for several reasons, including their importance in creating a culture where all employees are problem solvers and where customers define value.

Overview of Guide

Which part of employees' experience are we talking about and why?

What do we know now, and how will we narrow our focus to learn deeply about the problem?

What is actually happening? 
What are employees experiencing that leads to the problem?

What is the root cause of the specific problem that you can impact in your role?

Did the actions achieve the objective?
 How will we use what we've learned from the experiment?

Each step has guidance that corresponds to a section on the tools (problem-solving worksheets) created. By using the tools and applying scientific problem solving, agencies will both build problem solving skill and achieve better results in improving employee engagement.

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Problem Solving Guide

Problem Solving Worksheets (with help text)

Problem Solving Worksheets (blank)

Observe Tools

Analyze Tools

Experiment Tools

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