How is the employee survey data used?


Agencies act on their employee survey data to:

  • Improve workforce management practices
  • Improve workplace culture
  • Celebrate what's being done well
  • Help retain and engage a productive workforce


The Executive Cabinet reviews results to identify at the statewide level:

  • Successful workforce management practices
  • Opportunities to improve statewide policies and processes

New in 2014: The Results Washington system, Lean improvement methods and employee survey data are brought together in Goal 5.1.2 to improve Washington state government as an employer of choice.

Statewide results are also available to all agencies for benchmarking.

Additional data for decision making

Survey data is combined with other workforce measures and used by Legislators and agency leaders to help inform decision making:

  • The statewide HR Management Report includes survey data as a measure of performance for several areas of workforce management