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Identify the employee engagement issue


Primary Question:

Key Points:

To quantify the problem (gap) and why it matters to build a business case for resources.

Which part of employees’ experience are we talking about and why?

  • Make the gap measurable.
  • Explain how the gap impacts the customer.

Begin by choosing a problem to solve or gap to close:

  • One way to quantify an employee engagement problem is to look at your agency's employee engagement survey data. Select one statement and show the gap between current and target scores.
  • Alternatively, identify a measurable gap between current and desired performance, such as number of employee ideas implemented.

Next, clearly explain why you need to close this gap now. This provides the business case for prioritizing resources to solve the problem.

  • The most compelling reason will be the impact the problem has on the customer. How does this problem with employee engagement impact the customer's experience?
  • If you have it, include data on customer satisfaction or wait time, or other performance data.

Once you know the nature of the gap and how it impacts the customer, you are ready to Ask key questions to break down the problem.

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