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Statewide Exit Survey Agency Contacts

Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals Christy Sterling
Board of Tax Appeals Robert Chavez
Department of Agriculture Carla Brown
Department of Children, Youth, and Families Margeret Warner, Melanie Garrison
Department of Commerce Amy Goodall-Rasmussen
Department of Ecology Sandi Stewart
Department of Employment Security Ginger Bernethy
Department of Enterprise Services Laurie Pate
Department of Financial Institutions Gerri Davis
Department of Fish and Wildlife Barbara Hoff
Department of Health Stephanie M Price
Department of Labor and Industries Ben Kaufman
Department of Licensing Laurie Milligan, Cindi Fowble, Linda Nesland
Department of Natural Resources Susanna Fenner
Department of Retirement Systems Chris Greenwalt
Department of Revenue Betty Carter
Department of Services for the Blind Arlene Itou, Kristina Cox
Department of Social and Health Services Jessica Armstrong, Caiti Talmage
Department of Transportation Holly Sage
Department of Veterans' Affairs Sarah Conly
Eastern Washington State Historical Society Linda Queen
Health Care Authority Kerri Kallay
Human Rights Commission Sharon Ortiz
Liquor and Cannabis Board Claris Nnanabu
Military Department Laura Drybread
Office of Administrative Hearings Spencer Nagley
Office of Financial Management Jill Thompson
Office of the Attorney General Kim Siebs
Office of the Governor Jill Thompson
Office of the Insurance Commissioner Melanie Watness
Office of the State Auditor Renee Terry
Office of the State Treasurer Rich Jones
Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction Juwariyah Sou
Public Employment Relations Commission Diane Tucker
Puget Sound Partnership Denise Ross
Recreation and Conservation Funding Board Leslie Frank
State Board of Accountancy Lori Mickelson
State Board of Education Juwariyah Sou
State Gambling Commission Lisa Benavidez
State Investment Board Tamara Wood
State Lottery Commission Debbie Robinson
State Parks and Recreation Commission Becky Daniels
State School for the Blind              Anne Baker
Utilities and Transportation Commission Susan Holman
Washington State Arts Commission Leslie Pope
Washington State Center for Childhood Deafness and Hearing Loss Jessica Sydnor
Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission Marisa O’Neill
Washington State Historical Society Misty Reese
Washington State Housing Finance Commission Cindy Felker
Washington State Patrol Dr. Ben Lastimado
Washington Technology Solutions Cher Richards
Washington Traffic Safety Commission Geri Nelson
Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board Patrick Woods


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Monday, September 16, 2019
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