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All-payer health care claims

Washington All-Payer Health Care Claims Database Program

RCW 43.371.020, directs the Office of Financial Management (OFM) to establish a statewide all payer health care claims database (WA-APCD) to support transparent public reporting of health care information. The purpose of the database is to improve health care price transparency and to:

  • Assist patients, providers, and hospitals to make informed choices about care
  • Enable providers, hospitals, and communities to improve by benchmarking their performance against that of others by focusing on best practice
  • Enable purchasers to identify value, build expectations into their purchasing strategy, and reward improvements over time
  • Promote competition based on quality and cost

The database will systematically collect all medical claims, pharmacy claims, and dental claims from private and public payers, with data from all settings of care that permit the systematic analysis of health care delivery.

The law also required OFM to use a competitive procurement process to select a lead organization to coordinate and manage the database, and a data vendor who is subcontracted to the lead organization to establish and operate the WA-APCD system. In July 2016 OFM selected Oregon Health and Science University’s (OHSU) Center for Health Systems Effectiveness (CHSE) as the lead organization and Onpoint Health Data as the data vendor.

Ted von Glahn is serving as the program director for OHSU.

OFM Program contact: Thea Mounts
OHSU CHSE contact: Ted von Glahn
Onpoint Health Data contact: James Harrison

    See the Washington State All-Payer Health Care Claims Database (WA-APCD) overview for additional information.

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    Chapter 43.371 RCW
    Final bill report

      Rule-making for the WA-APCD

      Introduction to the APCD rules
      Overview of the rule-making process
      Rules required in Chapter 43.371 RCW
      Rule-making timeline - revised April 20, 2017

        Phase 3 Rule-Making

        CR 103P - historical data submission
        Rules - historical data submission
        CR 103P - data security and data privacy
        Rules - data security and data privacy
        CES data security and data privacy rule
        Written comments submitted for March 7, 2017 hearing
        CR 103P - format for the calculation and display of aggregate cost data
        Rules - format for the calculation and display of aggregate cost data
        CES format for the calculation and display of aggregate cost data
        Written comments submitted for October 10, 2017 hearing
        CR 101 - chemical dependency/substance use disorder treatment claims
        CR 101 – procedures for establishing fees and penalties for inappropriate disclosure of data
        Background paper 7: Penalties for the Inappropriate Disclosures or uses of Direct Patient Identifiers, Indirect Patient Identifiers and Proprietary Financial Information

          Phase I Rule-Making - completed effective February 29, 2016

          Phase 2 Rule-Making - completed effective December 2, 2016

            Implementation of Chapter 43.371 RCW

            Deadline for data suppliers to register with the WA-APCD is December 2, 2016.
            Data Access Under Chapter 43.371 RCW: Statewide Health Care Claims Data
            Apparently Successful Bidder Press Release - July 27, 2016
            Report to Legislature - December 1, 2016
            Report to Legislature - December 1, 2017

            OHSU list of reports for 2018

              APCD Council resources

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