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About One Washington

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The state continues ramp-up efforts to modernize and integrate its core enterprise functions for finance, procurement, budget, human resources and payroll. In degrees, the effort will touch all state agencies, the three branches of state government, institutions of higher education, the vendor community and many Washingtonians. Launched in 2013 by the Office of Financial Management, One Washington is the state’s initiative to drive the modernization effort.

Our state’s core enterprise administrative tools are aging, poorly integrated with one another, require heroic efforts by staff to operate and pose identifiable risks.

The primary target of the initial implementation is the state’s Agency Financial Reporting System, which is built on 1960s COBOL technology. An AFRS failure would disrupt billions of dollars in paychecks and vendor payments across the state, and have dire consequences for the state’s most vulnerable populations.

Additional priority functions of a new cloud-based enterprise resource planning system, including purchasing of goods and professional services, are targeted to go live early in state fiscal year 2023.

Modernization of the remaining business functions — procurement, budget, human resources and payroll — will follow in subsequent biennia. The result will be a stable, integrated and innovative enterprise system to administer the state’s core business functions. 


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