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News from One Washington

Publication Date Title
04/08/2021 One Washington Newsletter - April 2021 [pdf]
02/26/2021 One Washington Newsletter - February 2021 [pdf]
02/04/2021 One Washington Newsletter - January 2021 [pdf]
01/05/2021 One Washington Newsletter - December 2020 [PDF]
11/24/2020 SaaS 101 resource now available (pdf)
11/23/2020 One Washington newsletter - November 2020 [PDF]
11/19/2020 About agency deep dives - video

One Washington agency deep dive meetings are underway! Watch a video featuring Emily Poyner, the One Washington OCM Director, and Amy McMahan, the Department of Retirement Systems Project Management Office Director, to learn more about the benefits of the One Washington agency deep dive meeti

11/19/2020 Why Workday for One Washington
11/17/2020 Benefits of One Washington One-Pager
10/29/2020 One Washington newsletter - October 2020 (pdf)
09/30/2020 One Washington newsletter - September 2020 (pdf)
09/04/2020 One Washington newsletter - August 2020 [pdf]
07/27/2020 One Washington newsletter - July 2020 (pdf)
06/19/2020 2021-23 OneWa budget development resources now available
06/04/2020 One Washington newsletter - May/June 2020 (pdf)
05/01/2020 One Washington newsletter, April 2020 (pdf)
04/09/2020 Supplemental budget update - One Washington
04/07/2020 One Washington Newsletter, March 2020 (PDF)
12/27/2019 One Washington Newsletter, December 2019 (PDF)
12/09/2019 News from Gov. Jay Inslee
11/27/2019 New agency resources page is now available
11/07/2019 Governor Inslee signs Executive Order 19-04, One Washington: Modernization of State Administrative Business and Systems
08/30/2019 2020 Supplemental budget instructions related to One Washington
08/05/2019 One Washington Highlights - July 2019
07/22/2019 One Washington agency points of contacts list [pdf]
07/22/2019 Guide to creating an agency-level One Washington point of contact [pdf]
05/04/2019 One Washington Highlights - May 2019
02/28/2019 One Washington provides orientation to budget, HR and payroll stakeholders

Throughout the month of February 2019, One Washington began orientation sessions for state employees who serve in the budget, human resource and payroll divisions of agencies. The orientation was developed in response to the November 2018 One Washington reset, which was based on stakeholder feedback and new information acquired from the enterprise systems marketplace.

11/28/2018 One Washington Integrations Update

On November 27, 2018 One Washington presented to state chief financial officers, chief information officers, application owners and information technology staff a recap of the state’s initial integrations analysis.

08/03/2018 One Washington program update, summer 2018

One Washington provided an update to state employees in a live presentation on July 30 and a repeat presentation on July 31, 2018. The update provided a fresh orientation to the effort.

07/12/2018 One Washington July Newsletter
06/29/2018 One Washington Program Blueprint is released

The One Washington Program Blueprint

The final edition of the One Washington Program Blueprint was released June 29, 2018. This document is the go-to resource to understand where the state is headed. At the time of publishing, no other state has implemented a complete Software as a Service (SaaS) enterprise resource planning system across all of its core business domains – so Washington will be leading the curve.

06/11/2018 New system to streamline, modernize state budgeting processes

A new system that will both streamline and modernize budget development and reporting operations for Washington state agencies and for state government as a whole was launched today.

The new Agency Budget System (ABS) is a collaborative project between the state’s Office of Financial Management (OFM), which manages the state’s budgeting processes, and Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech), which lent about two dozen staff to the project through its inception in September 2016.

05/16/2018 Budget systems modernization project update, May 2018
04/20/2018 Join us for the One Washington recruitment open house, April 25

One Washington logo, images of tech workers

What: One Washington Recruitment Open House

When: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 | 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. [add to your calendar]

04/16/2018 One Washington April newsletter
03/15/2018 Budget systems modernization project update, March 15, 2018

The project team is working diligently to replace the enterprise Budget Development System (BDS) with the new Agency Budget System (ABS). In case you missed it, One Washington held a statewide system preview event on Oct 27, 2017 to provide information about ABS. The first release is scheduled for early June, just in time for agencies to prepare 2019-21 budget requests. The new system streamlines several paper-based processes and establishes a new digital framework to submit and share biennial and supplemental budget requests. Features include:

01/24/2018 One Washington Program Blueprint v2

The One Washington program has been busy working with stakeholders in a variety of interviews and workshops.  This work has been summarized throughout version two of the Program Blueprint.  This document is the second of three versions, which describes the timeline and budget for modernizing and improving aging administrative systems and related business processes that are common throughout state government.

11/22/2017 One Washington December newsletter
11/03/2017 New budget system preview event recording posted online


Agency Budget System preview presentation, 10/27/17 from Office of Financial Management on Vimeo.

10/27/2017 One Washington Blueprint v1 Executive Summary
09/26/2017 Opportunity to preview the new state budget system, Oct. 27

Please join us for an exciting opportunity to see the latest work on the Budget System Modernization project! We will preview the prototype for the system that will replace the Budget Development System (BDS) in June 2018. There will also be an opportunity for Q&A with the project team and we will announce the winner of the new system naming contest!

When:  Friday October 27, 2017, 9–11 a.m.

Where:  1500 Jefferson Street, 1st Floor, Presentation Room 1213

08/02/2017 Program Blueprint kick-off event materials
The One Washington program hosted a kick-off event in July. Over 200 people attended.
07/18/2017 2017 fiscal year activities

During the 2015–17 biennium, our focus will be in six areas. These areas — called work streams — include planning for implementing systems and readiness preparation activities. Each work stream will help prepare for an integrated approach to business processes and supporting systems. The ultimate goal is providing accurate, usable data for decision makers in all the statewide enterprise areas.

07/13/2017 One Washington Blueprint Kickoff

Be sure to mark your calendars for our Blueprint Kick-off Event for the One Washington program!

To kick-off the work for the new biennium of the Program Blueprint we are hosting an event to share important information with you.  The One Washington Program Blueprint will plan, budget, and structure our business transformation and system implementations into achievable, incremental, fundable projects. This detailed plan will provide the support we need to move forward.

07/06/2017 One Washington’s first newsletter

The program recently published our first newsletter, sharing information about a wide variety of efforts underway, including the go-live of the Facilities Portfolio Management Tool, the strategic partner Blueprint kick-off event, and much more!

05/22/2017 Strategic partner competitive procurement announcement

On April 21, 2017 Accenture LLP (Accenture) was announced as the Apparently Successful Bidder (ASB) to serve as the state’s Strategic Partner for the One Washington Program. To learn more, visit the Strategic Partner page.

04/20/2017 One Washington program overview

One Washington provided an update of recent achievements and upcoming objectives of each of the program work streams. The One Washington program overview was shared with stakeholders.

02/17/2017 Chart of Accounts presentations

OFM conducted three presentations on the Chart of Accounts (COA) project and data governance plan.  The first presentation was at the Financial Management Advisory Council meeting on January 26th.  Due to the limited size of the room, two follow up presentations were conducted on Feb 7th and 14th in the OB2 auditorium.