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Facilities Oversight and Planning

The Office of Financial Management’s Facilities Oversight and Planning Program oversees real estate procurement and management by applying a statewide perspective to analysis, long-term planning, policy development, and state facility portfolio management.

The program promotes four statewide goals for facilities.  These include leasing and owning facilities that 1) provide space that supports the business needs of state agencies; 2) provide space that is healthy, safe, and sustainable; 3) use the state’s facilities efficiently; and 4) use all of the state’s fund sources effectively. The program’s responsibilities include:

  • Develop and submit a Six-Year Facilities Plan to the Legislature and the Governor in January of each odd-numbered year with the assistance of the Department of Enterprise Services (DES).
  • Establish and implement a modified pre-design process and tools for requests to acquire new space or to relocate state facilities.
  • Gather and report the state’s facilities inventory.
  • Establish, deploy and maintain the state’s life cycle cost model for evaluating ownership and leasing alternatives for state facilities.
  • Conduct analysis and make recommendations to the OFM director on lease approvals.
  • Consult with DES on purchases, leases, lease purchases, rent, or other acquisitions of real estate.


Special projects

Occasionally the Facilities Oversight and Planning Program is called upon to conduct special projects. 

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