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Definition of terms

Refer also to SAAM 75.30

Account Code:

This number is assigned and controlled by the Office of Financial Management (OFM). Numbers have been assigned to all accounts created by the Legislature or as authorized by OFM pursuant to the authority granted in RCW 43.88.195.

Account Title:

This is the official title adopted by the Legislature or as authorized by OFM pursuant to the authority granted in RCW 43.88.195.



Fund Type:

The Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) classification.


Cash Type:

Cash type codes are used to indicate the custody, restrictions or usage of cash and investments within an account.

  • 1 - Treasury Account
  • 2 - Treasury Trust Account
  • 3 - Local Account

Budget Type:

Budget type codes are used to designate the degree to which an account is subject to expenditure authority and allotment control.

  • A - Appropriated Account
  • B - Budgeted Account
  • H - Nonappropriated/Nonallotted (Higher Education Special) Account
  • M - Mixed Account
  • N - Nonappropriated/Nonallotted Account

Roll-Up Fund:

Each account has been administratively combined into a roll-up fund. The roll-up fund is considered a separate accounting entity for financial reporting purposes and is utilized in the preparation of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report.

Administering Agency:

OFM designates a state agency as the administering agency for each account. An administering agency is responsible for assuring that cash balances reconcile with the State Treasurer and for local accounts with the authorized depository. For more information on administering agencies and their roles and responsibilities, refer to SAAM 80.10.90 and 90.20.10.

When more than one agency operates out of a local account, there is no administering agency designated. Each agency is responsible for their balances in that account. This assignment is designated in the Fund Reference Manual as "Locally By Each Agency (LCLO)."


The legal authority that requires or authorizes the establishment of an account. This statutory reference is the "hot link" to the RCW files on the Washington State Legislature's website.


Describes the primary purpose of the account or a brief explanation of the composition and uses of the account.

Sources of Revenue:

The major revenue source classifications used by the state are:

  • 01 - Taxes
  • 02 - Licenses, Permits, and Fees
  • 03 - Federal Revenue
  • 04 - State Charges and Miscellaneous Revenue
  • 05 - Private/Local Charges and Miscellaneous Revenue
  • 06 - Transfers
  • 08 - Other Revenues and Financing Sources
  • 09 - Non-Revenue Activities


Identifies who the account is serving.

Effective Date:

The date the account is effective per legislation.

Inactive Date:

The date the account is closed per legislation.

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