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MyPortal – managing employee leave requests (supervisor/manager)

Use these procedures to approve/reject employee leave requests, submit Leave Requests on behalf of your direct or indirect employee and view your Team Calendar.

Supervisors should regularly monitor and review employee leave requests from the My Inbox tile to ensure requests are

  • Approved/rejected to meet payroll processing cycles.
  • Consistent with work schedules and agency-specific procedures.
  • Coded correctly in accordance with WAC Chapter 357-31 (Holidays and Leave).

For more information on submitting leave requests, refer to MyPortal – My Leave Request.

For more information on setting up Planned and Unplanned substitutes for leave requests, refer to MyPortal - Manage my substitutes.

MyPortal – Approve/reject employee leave requests

MyPortal – Submit leave requests on behalf of my direct or indirect employee

MyPortal - My team calendar

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