Internal layoff lists

Washington state civil service rules require employers to maintain an internal layoff list (See WAC 357-46-070).


Factors which impact maintenance of an internal layoff list include:

  • Criteria and process to get on the list.
  • Use of employment retention ratings.
  • Integration with required referral processes (per Civil Service Rules and Collective Bargaining Agreements).
  • Time limits for remaining on the list.
  • Process for removing names from the list and notifying employees when they are no longer eligible.
  • Employee appeal rights.
  • Review requirements.


The internal layoff list must be made available to employees who have:

  • Been laid off or are scheduled for layoff.
  • Accepted a voluntary demotion in lieu of layoff.
  • Accepted through layoff a less than comparable position.
  • Been placed in a non-permanent position following reversion due to unsuccessful completion of a trial service period.
  • Chosen to remain in a position after it was reallocated to a class with a lower salary range.


Employees on the list are eligible for:

  • Classes in which they have held permanent status, and which have the same salary range as the class from which they were laid off, or a lower salary range.
  • Lower level classes in the series from which they were laid off. Note: the employees need not have held permanent status in the lower level classes.
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Monday, November 8, 2021
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