Layoff Lists Guidance

Layoff lists provide opportunities for impacted employees to compete for certain vacancies. There are typically three lists available:

  1. Statewide Layoff List
  2. Internal Layoff List
  3. General Government Transition Pool (GGTP)

Permanent general government employees may remain on a list up to two years from the date of layoff.

Higher education institutions have their own statewide and internal layoff lists. Employees interested in those lists must apply at the individual institutions.

Hiring Candidates off a Layoff List

Only candidates who possess the competencies and other position requirements may be certified from the list. Note: Competencies must be based on job analysis or other documented criteria.

Under Washington State's Civil Service Rules, layoff candidates are given special consideration as follows:

  1. If there are names on the employer's internal layoff list for the class, all individuals from the list who meet the position requirements must be certified along with any promotional candidates (as defined by the employer's promotional policy).
  2. If there are no names on the internal layoff list, the employer must certify all statewide layoff candidates who meet the position requirements.
  3. Then, the employer may certify other candidates. When a certified pool contains eligible candidates other than layoff or internal promotional candidates, general government employers must also certify candidates from the GGTP who meet the position requirements.

An employer may require a six-month transition review period for any employee hired off of a layoff list or the GGTP.

Removal from a Layoff List

An individual must be removed from a layoff list upon the individual's:

  • Request.
  • Retirement.
  • Resignation.
  • Dismissal.
  • Expiration of eligibility.

The employee may also be removed from the layoff list for a class when:

  • The individual is appointed to a permanent position in the class. (He or she may also be removed from layoff lists for any lower level class in that series.)
  • The individual is appointed to a permanent position in a class with a higher salary range maximum in a different series.
  • The individual has been certified from the layoff list and has waived consideration for positions in the class three times.
  • The employer determines good and sufficient reason exists.

Review Procedure Requirements

Employers must develop a procedure that specifies how they will review the removal of an individual's name from a layoff list. The procedure must specify that the review will be conducted by someone not involved in the removal.

Notification of Removal from Layoff List

An individual whose name has been removed from a layoff list must be notified in writing at the time of removal. The notification must provide the specific reason for the removal and inform the individual of the right to request a review.

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