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Fund 14C - Puget Sound Recovery Account

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Admin Agency:
Puget Sound Partnership - 4780
Cash Type:
1 - Treasury Fund
SAAM Budget Type:
Appropriated (A)
Earnings from Investments are:
Credited to the general fund under RCW 43.84.092(4).
For the protection and recovery of Puget Sound.
Sources of Revenue:
Appropriations, grants, gifts, and other financial assistance.
Puget Sound partners, and other governmental and non-governmental entities.
Effective Date:
Inactive Date:
Public Notes:

ACFR Information

Account Code:
Account Title:
Puget Sound Recovery Account
Fund Type:
AA - General Fund
Rollup Fund:
AZ - Other Accounts in the General Fund
Closing GL Code:
9324 - Committed for Wildlife & Natural Resourc