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HR directives

State Human Resources issues directives for HR related matters where agency activity, response or compliance is required.

The purpose of a directive is to help formalize the requirement for agencies and provide procedures and resources where needed.

Date issued Directive Title Contact
10/11/2019 20-01

Home and Alternative Assignment Approval & Reporting Requirements

Procedure regarding home and alternative assignment reporting
6/17/2019 19-02 Salary Setting due to minimum wage increases SHR Rules
(360) 407-4102



Salary Setting for Non-represented Information Technology Professional Structure Employees

SHR Rules
(360) 407-4102

1/27/2017 17-01

WMS Salary Administration Policy

SHR Class & Comp
(360) 407-4178

1/8/2014 14HR-02

Governor's Pool Exempt Request Procedures


Angie Hogenson
(360) 407-4111
7/19/2013 14HR-01

Home Assignment Approval & Report Requirements


Altavia Jones
(360) 407-4131
5/30/2013 13HR-01

Personnel File Standards & Electronic Personnel File Transfer Procedures

(360) 407-4130
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