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Audit Resolution Report

The Audit Resolution Report summarizes the status of corrective actions taken by state agencies to resolve exceptions to specific expenditures or financial transactions reported in audits conducted by the State Auditor’s Office. The audit exceptions are related to regularly scheduled agency post audits, which are reported in individual audit reports, the statewide Single Audit Report, and special audit reports.

Is the report required by law?

Yes. This annual report is required by RCW 43.88.160 which states, “The director of financial management shall annually report by December 31 the status of audit resolution to the appropriate committees of the legislature, the state auditor, and the attorney general. The director of financial management shall include in the audit resolution report actions taken as a result of an audit including, but not limited to, types of personnel actions, costs and types of litigation, and value of recouped goods or services.”

Washington state laws require post audits of every state agency. As part of the audit process, exceptions to specific expenditures or financial transactions become a matter of public record.

OFM is required to ensure that corrective actions to the audit exceptions are taken, and to annually report on the status of the audit resolutions.

Agencies are required to submit corrective action plans to OFM within thirty days of issuance of the audit reports in which exceptions are taken. OFM participates in the corrective action process, which is subject to a follow-up review during the subsequent audit.

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