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Modern work environment

In 2016, Governor Inslee issued Executive Order 16-07, "Building a Modern Work Environment" to establish a working environment for the state workforce that promotes cost-effective and space-efficient performance and customer service. 16-07 encourages flexibility, collaboration and increased productivity for the State workforce, building a culture of  "it's what you do, not where you do it." Over the past five years, agencies have implemented strategies that provide flexibility in how, when and where work gets done, which helped the state quickly transition to a widespread remote work model during the COVID-19 pandemic and support their employees during challenging times. Due to the success of broadscale telework throughout state government, state facilities are now undergoing a transformation as agencies update policies and implement hybrid work environments, reassessing long-term physical space needs.

Refer to the resources below for more information on state facility space planning and human resources remote work guidance.

Space planning

We're currently devleoping updated state facility space use guidelines and planning resources, which will be ready by March 2022. Refer to the 2017 Space Use Guidelines and Re-entry Guidance for current standards. For assistance with work pattern assessment tools, contact your facilities analyst.

Remote work resources

Statewide guidance and tools for supporting remote employees and managing remote and hybrid work environments, including change management strategies, remote recruitment and retention, ergonomics, performance management and more.


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