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Six-Year Facilities Plan

Washington state owns and leases facilities to house agency operations. This represents a significant financial investment by the citizens of Washington. To monitor this investment, Washington state law (RCW 43.82.055) directs the Office of Financial Management to work with state agencies to determine the long-term facility needs of state government. OFM transmits these facility needs to the Legislature through the state six-year facilities plan on January 1 of each odd-numbered year after alignment with the Governor's biennial budget proposal.

The goals of six-year facilities planning are to identify projects and develop strategies to lease and own facilities that:

  • Support the business needs of state agencies.
  • Are healthy, safe and sustainable.
  • Are used efficiently.
  • Use all the state’s fund sources effectively.

2025-31 Six-Year Facilities Plan

2023-29 Six-Year Facilities Plan

2021-27 Six-Year Facilities Plan

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