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Budget instructions

Spring and summer 2021 budget planning and deliverables

An outline and reminder of upcoming budgeting activities and timelines.

Allotment instructions

How to submit plans for approved expenditures and revenues to OFM.

Operating budget and strategic plan instructions

How to submit requests and decision packages for the governor's proposed budget.

Capital budget instructions

How to submit budget requests for construction, repair, and acquisition projects.

Transportation budget instructions

Additional budget instructions for transportation agencies. 

Higher education budget instructions

Additional budget instructions for higher education agencies.

Other budget instructions

Find instructions related to compensation and collective bargaining, fiscal impact statements, fiscal notes, 10-year fiscal analyses, and performance measures.

Budget forms

Find templates and forms related to budget.

Budget-related information

Links to capital budget reports, caseload data, expenditure history, revenue information, and Governor's action on legislation.

Dates of interest

See a calendar of the current year highlighting dates related to the state budget and accounting.

Transportation revenue

Quarterly transportation revenue forecasts.

State budget-related websites

Find links to the Caseload Forecast Council, Economic and Revenue Forecast Council, the Expenditure Limit Committee, and more.

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