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General ledger reconciliation

What is a reconciliation?  The process of correlating one set of records with another set of records and/or a physical inventory count that involves identifying, explaining, and correcting differences.

The foundation of quality financial information is in the detail data recorded at the general ledger (GL) level. Reconciliations serve as a key element of a system of internal control and are required by state policy.

Because of the critical nature of reconciliations Statewide Accounting has been working to develop tools and identify resources for reconciliations.

The following resources are intended to provide general guidance for state agencies.

General information

SAAM reconciliation requirements

Training classes related to GL reconciliation (sign up in TLC)

  • GL Reconciliation: Basics
  • General Ledger Review
  • Payroll Revolving Account Reconciliation
  • Health Insurance Reconciliation
  • In-Process Report Training


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