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Space request (modified pre-design)

State law requires the Office of Financial Management (OFM) to establish and maintain a modified pre-design (MPD) process for approving agency requests to acquire, expand, or relocate a state facility through lease or purchase. The MPD Form is used for all agency space requests. If you have questions, please reach out to your assigned OFM Facilities Analyst.

MPD Forms are provided to the Legislature for its information and the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) and other agencies with real estate authority to initiate projects. In some cases, the approved form is also shared with local governments, community groups or stakeholders.

Note: The MPD Form is not required for projects that meet the capital requirements for predesigns on major facility projects with an estimated project cost of $10 million.

Form submittal process

  1. Submit the MPD Form (instructions) to OFM via
    • A life cycle cost analysis must be submitted with the MPD Form for any projects over 20,000 SF and/or a lease term greater than 10 years.
  2. OFM will review and process agency requests within the timeframes noted below. Agencies cannot move forward without an OFM approval memo. OFM approval gives agencies the authority to proceed and work with DES on space needs.
  3. Following MPD approval, if an increase in square footage, one-time costs, ongoing costs, or lease term is needed, agencies must submit a Change of Conditions Form.
                                         Request Type                OFM Turnaround Time
Standard request up to 20,000 SF 30 days
Requests greater than 20,000 SF (requires LCCM) May require additional processing time
Temporary space request for 12 months or less 10 days
Change of conditions 10 days
Emergency request for space to be occupied immediately 3 days


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