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Fund 232

Fund Reference Manual

232-Public Transportation Systems Account

Inactive Account 06/30/2013
Account Code:
Account Title:
Public Transportation Systems Account
Admin Agency:
Transportation Improvement Board - 4070
Fund Type:
AA - General Fund
Rollup Fund:
AZ - Other Accounts in the General Fund
Cash Type:
1 - Treasury Fund
SAAM Budget Type:
Appropriated (A)
Interest Earning Authority:
Closing GL Code:
Used to fund public transportation projects submitted by the public transportation systems from which the funds are derived, solely for: planning; development of capital projects; development of high capacity transportation systems as defined in RCW 81.104.015; development of high occupancy vehicle lanes and related facilities as defined in RCW 81.100.020; other public transportation system-related roadway projects on state highways, county roads, or city streets; and public transportation system contributions required to fund projects under federal programs and those approved by the transportation improvement board from other fund sources.
Sources of Revenue:
Motor Vehicle Excise Taxes, Licenses, Permits, and Fees, Federal Grants, Miscellaneous Revenue, Interest Earnings
General public
Effective Date:
Sun, 07/01/1990
Inactive Date:
Sun, 06/30/2013
Public Notes: