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Fund 545

Fund Reference Manual

545-Heating Oil Pollution Liability Trust Account

Account Code:
Account Title:
Heating Oil Pollution Liability Trust Account
Admin Agency:
WA Pollution Liab Insurance Program - 4620
Fund Type:
FA - Enterprise Funds
Rollup Fund:
FI - Other Activities Fund
Cash Type:
2 - Treasury Trust Fund
SAAM Budget Type:
Mixed (Part Approp Or Allot/Part Nonapprop) (M)
Interest Earning Authority:
Closing GL Code:
Used for corrective action costs, third-party liability claims, costs associated with claims administration, purchase of an insurance policy to cover all registered heating oil tanks, and reinsurance of the policy, and administrative expenses of the program, including personnel, equipment, and supplies, and providing advice and technical assistance.
Sources of Revenue:
Licenses, Permits, and Fees
General public
Effective Date:
Sat, 07/01/1995
Inactive Date:
Mon, 07/01/2030
Public Notes:
Expiration date per SHB 2357, Ch. 161, Laws of 2016, Sec. 17. (RCW 70.149.900)